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The Guardian [UK]

There is a feature on Chris Watson in 31st January 2007 edition of G2 of The Guardian by Pascal Wyse. The full text can be read here

The Leonardo Music Journal [USA]

16th edition - Noises Off: Sound Beyond Music

This edition comes with a compact disc featuring Chris's recording "Blue Grass Music and Ant-Steps".

Crack Magazine [UK]

There is a feature in Crack here

Blow Up [IT]

There is a feature in Blow Up here

Line Up [UK]

There is a feature in Line Up here

Sound of Music [SE]

There is a feature in Sound of Music here

Pitchfork [USA]

There is a feature in Pitchfork in October 2011 here

Basatap [TU]

You can read a feature in Turkish here

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