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Chris Watson is exclusively published by Touch Music [MCPS]. His work is also released on Touch, one of the most influential independent labels based in the UK [founded 1981/2].

Chris has contributed 3 pieces to TouchRadio,

25 12.06.07

Chris Watson - The Sound of Islay: a report from The Hebrides - 24:20

Saligo Bay sits in the north west corner of the Island of Islay in the Scottish Hebrides. Atlantic waves break on the shore and westerly winds drive straight up the beach and create mosaic patterns of sound in the low-lying vegetation. 'The Sound of Islay' then waits for the winds to die and the sun to dip into the ocean before investigating the nocturnal sounds on the wetlands of Loch Gruinart. [Photos by Chris Watson]

18. 1.07.06

Chris Watson - Alcedo Volcano - 15:00

Chris writes: "The Alcedo Volcano sits, astride the equator 1000m above the Pacific ocean on the central ridge of Isla Isabella the largest of the Galapagos Islands. For tens of thousands of years within the micro climate of the Caldero a strange and beautiful habitat has been created - an isolated and lost world which I was privileged to live within for several days during May 2006."

5. 8.05.05

Chris Watson - The Galapagos Islands - an audio diary - 37:05

Recorded in April 2005 on The Galapagos Islands, 1000km off the west coast of Ecuador... During March this year Chris Watson was out in the Galapagos Islands recording for a forthcoming tv film series. In particular Chris made a series of recordings throughout the unique and highly specialised Galapagos habitats; from the mist shrouded Miconia zone at the higher altitudes of Santa Cruz down to the dense cactus and thorn scrub bordering the coast on smaller uninhabited islands. This trip was also the first opportunity for Chris to try out location surround sound recording both on land and then underwater, exploring the sonic potential below the surface of the Pacific Ocean with a four channel hydrophone array.

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