Aichi Triennale 2016 | Japan August 2016

Homo Faber: A Rainbow Caravan

‘The Great Circle’ is an Ambisonic sound installation taking the audience on a journey from Northumberland to Aichi overland via a Great Circle route.


The Town Moor - A Portrait In Sound

Exhibition: 21 June - 24 July
Free in The Gallery, Mon - Sat 10:00-16:00, Sun: 11:00-16:00

The Gallery Tyneside Cinema is delighted to present The Town Moor - A Portrait In Sound, a sound installation by Chris Watson, one of the world’s most esteemed and successful wildlife sound recordists.

The starting point for the exhibition is material recorded for a BBC Radio Newcastle programme, for which Watson documented one year in the life of the Town Moor, capturing the sounds, birds, beasts and people in the ‘green lungs’ of the city.

The material has been reworked and new recordings added in order to create an exhibition in The Gallery using 3D ambisonic sound to make an immersive sound work, and a ‘dark’ cinema experience. You are invited to experience the piece as if it was an image-less’ film, using the sound narrative provided by the seasons to create an acoustic picture of the Town Moor. The exhibition gives you the chance to discover the importance of sound within the cinematic experience.

The exhibition runs from 21 June – 24 July in The Gallery on the third floor of Tyneside Cinema.

Tyneside Cinema


The Monocle Weekly:

"Restaurateur, writer and food specialist Henry Dimbleby discusses the virtues of London’s food markets, typographers Nadine Chahine and Malou Verlomme of design agency Monotype explain their new font ‘Johnston100’ and Chris Watson, the pioneering musician and sound recordist for natural history programmes, tells us about his new event ‘The Town Moor – A Portrait in Sound’."

The Creators Project

"Watson was a founding member of experimental Dada-influenced band Cabaret Voltaire, and as a sound recordist has worked on numerous Sir David Attenborough-narrated nature docs like Life in the Undergrowth and Frozen Planet. Now he's chosen to turn his expertise and microphone-wielding skills to the moor, capturing its micro and not-so-micro-sounds..."

Press coverage:

The Guardian ~ G2 | New Scientist | Caught by the River | Port magazine | Chronicle Live


NATURE | BBC Radio 4, Wednesdays 9pm, 22 June - 13 July

Close encounters and personal experiences in the Natural World
Wildlife sound recordist: Chris Watson
Producer Sarah Blunt

BBC Radio Wed 22 June, 9pm NATURE - The Joiker and the Echoes

Andé Somby is a Sami and a yoiker. When Andé invited sound recordist Chris Watson to record him yoiking near Kvalnes in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, Chris had no idea what an extraordinary and challenging experience this would be; not only to travel north of the Arctic Circle to record these ancient chants but also to gain an insight into the culture and beliefs of the Sami People.

BBC Radio Wed 29 June, 9pm NATURE - James and the Peregrines

An intimate and revealing audio diary recorded over a year by James Aldred following the lives of a pair of peregrines and the family they raise in a disused quarry near his home.

NATURE Wed 29 June, 9pm NATURE - The Rainforest Canopy
With a two metre wingspan, strong hooked beak and four inch talons, harpy eagles are one of the most powerful birds of prey in the world and have been known to attack people who get too close to their nests, so when wildlife cameraman John Aitchison agrees to spend a month on a tiny platform high up in rainforest canopy in Venezuela to try and film a young eagle chick hunting for the first time, it was with some intrepidation at what might lie ahead.

NATURE Wed 10 July, 9pm NATURE - Fen Raft Spider
Fen Raft Spiders as their name implies are water-loving spiders. Chris Watson gets up close and personal with these spiders when he tries to record their courtship behaviour as well as explore the extraordinary world of underwater sound in which these spiders live and hunt for food in the fenland ditches.


Dawn Chorus Sound Walk | Sunday 1st May 2016

Join Chris Watson to celebrate National Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday 1 May, for a dawn chorus walk through the Town Moor, Newcastle and see the world with your ears. The walk starts in the dark and as the dawn begins Chris Watson will record the activity, which will be included in his new sounds installation The Town Moor a Portrait in Sound opening at The Gallery Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on 21st June.

More info:


Scelsi EP | Limited Edition Vinyl Release

300 Copies on Vinyl. Also available as WAV, FLAC and MP3
Distributed by Kudos. Released 8 March 2016. Order here

Copies available:
300 on Vinyl and digital

Track Listing:

Side A
Giacinto Scelsi Duo for Violin and Cello
1. Part 1
2. Part 2
Performed by Aisha Orazbayeva and Lucy Railton
Recorded by Peiman Khosravi
Mixed by Peiman Khosravi and AIsha Orazbayeva

Side AA
1. Invertebrate Harmonics Chris Watson
2. Honshirabe 本調
Performed by Joe Browning
Recorded by Chris Watson at Urchin Studios London


A Guide to Coastal Wildlife

BBC Radio 4, March 2016
Mon 28 March – Fri 1 April 2016, 13.45-14.00

Brett Westwood is joined by naturalist Phil Gates in this informative and entertaining guide to some of our common coastal wildlife. Recorded last summer along the coast of Northumberland, each programme focuses on a different coastal habitat; rock pools, sandy beaches, sea cliffs, strandlines and saltmarshes. The series offers helpful advice on the appearance, behaviour and sounds of some of the typical species you’re likely to find, and reveals how they’re adapted to survive in some of our most hostile coastal habitats.

Wildlife sound recordist: Chris Watson
Producer: Sarah Blunt


Resonance FM fundraising programme

For the current Resonance FM fundraising programme, there are two offerings:

1 A previously unreleased recording from Kielder forest - surround version.

2 The opportunity to come out recording with Chris in Northumberland on May 15th.


Chris Watson Releases on Bandcamp

We have now made available selected editions of Chris's Touch catalogue on Bandcamp, complete with pdfs of the booklets and CD artwork:

Stepping into the Dark (1997)

Compact Disc edition no longer available

"In recent years I have noticed that some of the locations I visited as a sound recordist displayed remarkable and particular characteristics. These may be sparkling acoustics, a special timbre, sometimes rhythmic, percussive or transient animal sounds. Without a doubt, playing a recording made at one of these sites can recreate a detailed memory of the original event. Also, as others have described, there is an intangible sense of being in a special place — somewhere that has a spirit — a place that has an ‘atmosphere’. These recordings avoid background noise, human disturbance and editing. They are made using sensitive microphones camouflaged and fixed in position usually well in advance of any recording or animal behaviour. The mics. are then cabled back on very long leads to a hide or concealed recording point, the aim being to capture the actual sound within each particular location without external influence. Sites are discovered by researching local natural or social history, by interpreting features on a map or through anecdote and conversation with people about their feelings for or against particular places. The author and researcher Tom Lethbridge identified the sources of several spirits within the topography of the area. I suspect that this also includes flora and fauna, local time of day, the weather and the season. The following recordings are the atmospheres of special places." [Chris Watson]

Outside the Circle of Fire (1998)

Compact Disc edition no longer available

The purr of a leopard close up against a baobab tree, waiting. Whales surfacing, breathing in cold air. Coll starling imitate the noise of farm machinery from the hollow ring of a ruined bothy. The rattle of wood over a black stream... Chris Watson's second CD is a dramatic contrast to the spacious atmospheres of "Stepping into the Dark" (Touch TO:27, 1996). Featuring 22 close-up recordings of animals, birds and insect life, "Outside the Circle of Fire" enlarges our awareness of the sound universe, intimate with voices from the past. There is an intensity here that television pictures cannot conjure.

Weather Report (2003)

Compact Disc edition still available

The weather has created and shaped all our habitats. Clearly it also has a profound and dynamic effect upon our lives and that of other animals. The three locations featured here all have moods and characters which are made tangible by the elements, and these periodic events are represented within by a form of time compression.

This was Chris's first foray into composition using his location recordings of wildlife and habitats - previously he has been concerned with describing and revealing the special atmosphere of a place by site specific, untreated location recordings. For the first time here he constructs collages of sounds, which evolve from a series of recordings made at the specific locations over varying periods of time.

El Tren Fantasma (2011)

Compact Disc edition no longer available
Vinyl edition - "The Signalman's Mix" still available

"Take the ghost train from Los Mochis to Veracruz and travel cross country, coast to coast, Pacific to Atlantic. Ride the rhythm of the rails on board the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (FNM) and the music of a journey that has now passed into history."

El Tren Fantasma, (The Ghost Train), is Chris Watson's 4th solo album for Touch, and his first since Weather Report in 2003, which was named as one of the albums you should hear before you die in The Guardian. A Radio programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 30 Oct, 2010, produced by Sarah Blunt, and described as "a thrilling acoustic journey across the heart of Mexico from Pacific to Atlantic coast using archive recordings to recreate a rail passenger service which no longer exists. It’s now more than a decade since FNM operated its last continuous passenger service across country. Chris Watson spent a month on board the train with some of the last passengers to travel this route. As sound recordist he was part of the film crew working on a programme in the BBC TV series Great Railways Journeys. Now, in this album, the journey of the ‘ghost train’ is recreated, evoking memories of a recent past, capturing the atmosphere, rhythms and sounds of human life, wildlife and the journey itself along the tracks of one of Mexico’s greatest engineering projects.

Further information:


A Wing and a Prayer | BBC Radio 4 14th February 2016

Something Understood

John McCarthy explores the sacred and profane place of birds in our daily lives.

He considers the many spiritual meanings birds have for humans. From doves as biblical heralds of the Holy Spirit to ravens in the Qur'an, birds are at the iconic heart of almost all world religions. But how did they get there? Is it their ability to fly which grips us? Or the apparent purity and beauty of (many) of their songs and calls?

Along the way, John explores the parallels between listening to Vaughan Williams' Lark Ascending, hearing a dawn chorus in Kielder Forest and seeking a personal pathway to the divine. He also recalls a bird-inspired moment of hope during his time in captivity in Lebanon - a memory triggered by the music of the singer Fairouz.

John's conversation with keen birdwatcher and author Stephen Moss reveals that the international bird of peace is not nearly as pacifist as it seems, and uncovers the true meanings of birdsong, which prove to be both paradoxical and far more profane than sacred.

The programme includes poetry from John Clare, prose from Gerald Durrell, and music from Canteloube, Respighi and Chris Watson.

The readers are Madeleine Bowyer and Peter Marinker.

Producer: Matt Taylor
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4
Available on iPlayer for 30 days after broadcast


The Santa Rita Concerts: Chris Watson

24 February 2016, 19.00
The Little Museum of Dublin
15 St Stephen's Green, Dublin

An evening with Chris Watson, one of the world's leading recorders of natural phenomena. The evening begins at 7pm with a Santa Rita wine reception and pre-concert interview with the performer. The performance begins at 8pm sharp. Tickets €13 pre-booked; €15 on the door.

For tickets and info


Ash 11.2 | Ánde Somby “Yoiking With The Winged Ones"

Buy Ánde Somby “Yoiking With The Winged Ones” in the TouchShop

Vinyl LP + Download + bonus track, “Čuoika”. All downloads are 24 bit recordings by Chris Watson.

Design by Philip Marshall
Photography by A K Dolven
Cut by Jason at Transition

Track listing:

A1. Gufihttar (underworld fairie)
A2. Gadni (spirit of the mountain)
A3. Neahkkameahttun (from the other side)
B. Wolf

Yoiking is the ancient chanting practise of the Sámi People - the indigenous peoples on the top of Europe. Yoiking originates from time immemorial - legend tells that it was the faires and elves of the arctic lands that gave yoiks to the Sámi People. Yoiking was an important element of the religious rituals in pre-christian times and has survived both christianity, imperialism and the fact that Sámi areas were confiscated by the states of the north; Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

Ánde Somby is deeply rooted into the yoik tradition. He comes from the eastern part of the north Sámi areas and in the tundra tradition of the reindeer herders and from the valley tradition of arctic farmers. His yoiking is both quite technical as well as melodic - Somby is at the same time an innovative yoiker. All the three pieces on side A are his compositions. His signature as a yoiker is an expressive style performed on the borders of the human voice.

The title of the work refers to the fact that the migratory birds that have made it to the arctic for their breeding season are an important part of the record. With the assistance of a local crow they break the arctic silence by singing and calling. The title also makes a more subtle reference to the sound flying from the echoing mountains.

The project itself has three inspirations; the yoiks were given to the humans from the fairies and elves. This gives an emphasis on that yoiks are of the earth. The second inspiration is that there is a war against fairies and elves going on; in Norway that war was waged by the national poet Henrik Wergeland in the song Nisser og Dverge and has continued with stripping the earth of its soul and giving free license to aggressive exploitation. The emphasis is asking the fairies and elves if they still are doing good. The third inspiration is the European myth about Narcissus and Echo; Echo does not find her love as Narcissus rejects her, but she is given an eternal voice. Yoik and Echo meet in this work as echo yoiks along together with the underground energies.

The recordings are made by Chris Watson, the world famous sound artist and leading field recorder. The recordings took place in Kvalnes, Lofoten mid June in 2014 in a moment while the arctic winds had a little rest. Chris Watson has also done the post production. A K Dolven took the photos for the project and has been instrumental in developing the concept. Thanks also to Tony Myatt.


“Life would have no meaning without us listening”

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday evening , 22 Dec 2015 – 5 Jan 2016 at 21.02
(repeated Wednesdays at 15.30)
Presenter Chris Watson
Producer Sarah Blunt

“Life would have no meaning without us listening”

In this three-part series, we meet individuals whose professional lives and/or personal lives are focused listening and interpreting the sounds they hear. The first programme focuses on human speech; words, dialect and language. In the second programme we meet individuals who listen to the sounds of places and spaces as we explore the world of echolocation and reverberation, and in the third programme we meet three individuals for whom listening is much more than an aural experience; but something much deeper motivating their work and their lives.


Lighthouse Stories, RTÉ Radio 1 | Sunday 7pm, 8 November 2015

Chris Watson describes using the beam of the lighthouse to record seals on the Farne Islands at night - and remembers the curious slow motion aggression between the fighting tortoises of Dassen Island, off the western coast of South Africa. Also in this programme, Melissa Murray re-reads 'To The Lighthouse' by Virginia Woolf and Dermot Bolger remembers inviting Salman Rushdie to the Baily Lighthouse at the height of the fatwa. Presented by Luke Clancy.


Forest Fables | 3-6 November 2015

A series of sound rich stories commissioned by the Guardian to reinvent the forest fable. Each piece is set in a particular British Woodland and was recorded on location with award winning sound recordist Chris Watson and Pascal Wyse. The series is sponsored by The Woodland Trust and features new stories from Ali Smith, Alan Garner, Evie Wyld and Alec Finlay.

Produced by Alannah Chance with original recordings and sound design by Chris Watson and Pascal Wyse

1. Written by Ali Smith

In the first of a series of exclusive sound stories inspired by the UK's woodlands, the award-winning writer weaves a spellbinding tale from an encounter between a boy and a strange green child

2. Written by Alan Garner

In the second of our series of exclusive sound stories celebrating Britain's forests, Alan Garner reads his own tale of a newcomer who finds 'ancient noise' beneath the choked underlife of of Cheshire's woodlands

3. Written by Alec Finlay

In the third of our series of exclusive sound stories celebrating Britain's forests, the Scottish poet and artist Alec Finlay reads his tale of a mythical submerged woodland

4. Written by Evie Wyld

In our fourth exclusive sound story celebrating Britain's forests, the Granta young British novelist Evie Wyld reads her unsettling tale of marital tension at the end of times


Sound Design Academy | Podcast

Chris Watson – Field Recording at Its Finest

"This week I had the absolute honour of talking with field recordist, musician, and audio ace Chris Watson. For those unfamiliar with Chris, he is considered one of the top field recordists in the world. He’s worked on Frozen Planet, The Life of Birds, Big Cat Diary, Life in the Undergrowth, Nature, Autumnwatch, and many more. If you want a bigger impression of this amazing artists work check out his website at and you’ll get an even better picture. Needless to say, he’s had and is still pursuing a stunning career that many of us only dream of!"


Gossip from the Garden Pond | BBC Radio 4

Another chance to hear six characters in and around a garden pond, reflect on what life is really like between the lily pads and the buttercups. Written by Lynne Truss. Wildlife sound recordings by Chris Watson, Producer Sarah Blunt

BBC Radio 4, Tue 25 Aug, 23.02 We hear from the tadpole (Julian Rhind-Tutt) and the dragonfly (Alison Steadman)

BBC Radio 4, Tue 1 Sept, 23.02 We hear from the water boatman (Sandi Toksvig) and the Great Diving Beetle (David Ryall)

BBC Radio 4, Tue 8 Sept, 23.02 We hear from the garden spider (Amanda Root) and the Great Pond Snail (James Fleet)

Gossip from the Garden Pond


Sounds of the Sea Workshop | Sunday August 23

Sunday August 23rd, 11am-1pm, Normans Bay, near Pevensey, East Sussex, BN24 6PS

The iconic Finback Whale of Museum of Zoology, Cambridge was washed ashore at Normans Bay near Pevensey in 1865. Join us as we return to the site with wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson to record the sounds of the sea. These recordings are for inclusion in the Ocean Song soundscape that will accompany the skeleton in its new home, a fabulous Whale Hall being built as part of the Museum's redevelopment and due to open in 2016. Learn about recording the sounds of nature, discover the sounds beneath the ocean's waves that are normally out our hearing, and have a go at collecting sounds yourself. This workshop is free. Places are limited and booking essential. To book a place, email here

Ocean Song at Pevensey

Sunday August 23rd, 3pm-5pm, St Nicholas’ Church,
Church Lane, Pevensey, East Sussex, BN24 5LD

Discover a world of underwater sound as we go on a journey from sea shore to open ocean with sound artist Chris Watson. Explore your own voice teacher and choir leader Rowena Whitehead, creating the sounds of the sea and the music it has inspired. Through this workshop we will be building a symphony of the oceans using human voices, to be recorded and woven into the sound installation that will accompany our iconic Finback Whale skeleton in his new home. Don't miss out on being a part of the Museum of Zoology and add your voice to the Ocean Song soundscape!

To book, visit and for more information, visit the Ocean Song blog:


Soundstage | BBC Radio 4 (repeat)

There’s another chance to hear SOUNDSTAGE on BBC Radio 4
Mondays at 09.30am, 17 Aug – 14 September

Monday 17 August, BBC Radio 4, 09.30-09.45, Midnight at the Oasis
Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson narrates the first in a series of audio postcards capturing spectacular wild sound events, beginning in the Kalahari desert.

Monday 24 August, BBC Radio 4, 09.30-09.45 St James Park
Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson introduces the sounds of the city on Match Day in Newcastle upon Tyne in the second in a series of immersive soundscapes.

Monday 31 August, BBC Radio 4, 09.30-09.45 The Wash
Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson introduces the extraordinary sounds which accompany the movement of the tides on the Wash, in this series of immersive soundscapes.

Monday 7 September, BBC Radio 4, 09.30-09.45 Glacial Melt
The extraordinary and powerful sounds of a glacier calving are captured by wildlife sound recordist, Chris Watson in this series of immersive soundscapes.

Monday 14 September, BBC Radio 4, 09.30-09.45 Dawn Chorus
Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson introduces the sounds of a dawn chorus recorded near Aldeburgh in Suffolk in the last in this series of immersive soundscapes.

Narrated and recorded by Chris Watson, Producer Sarah Blunt


Kukemura Ambient Festival | August 2015

8th August 2015
Järva maakond, Estonia

An ambient music festival in a forest somewhere in Estonia. Chris will be doing a long (90min) late night set of a deep ocean piece 'Mare balticum - Narva Wall mix'.

You can read reviews here in Kultuur and in Rada7


Live at Port Eliot Festival | July/August 2015

July 30th - August 2nd, 2015
St. Germans, Cornwall

Chris Watson will be presenting 'Dusk 'till Dawn' in the Round Room 1000h-1100h Saturday and Sunday. Sunday at 1630h he will be presenting 'Caught By The River Coquet' with John Andrews at the Caught By The River marquee.


Slow Television | BBC 4 Monday 4th May

You will be able to view shortly after broadcast here


Sound Recording Weekend with Chris Watson | Sheffield Mayl 2015

Legendary Sheffield sound recordist Chris Watson returns to lead an inspiring weekend of have-a-go sound recording for all abilities, capture the orchestra of the dawn chorus and learn the post production skills needed to polish up your recording under Chris’s expert guidance.

Saturday 23rd May: dawn chorus – (exact location and time to be confirmed) Sun: 12–3pm


Hear & Now | BBC Radio 3 Saturday 4th April 2015

Hear and Now this Saturday 4th April at 10pm, in the Composers’ Rooms series.

Composers’ Rooms collection
Hear & Now homepage
Photo gallery

Radio 3's primary contemporary music programme, featuring live performances and studio sessions from the best new groups, and premiering works commissioned by the BBC


Soundstage | BBC Radio 4 March 2015

BBC Radio 4, Mon- Fri, 23-27 March 2015, 13.45-14.00

Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson narrates five immersive soundscapes; each of which is a time compression; a spectacular natural event which has been recorded over hours, days, weeks or even months but which is presented here in less than 15minutes.In the first programme, Chris visits the Kalahari Desert to capture the sounds of midnight at the oasis. Newcastle upon Tyne is the location of the second programme where Chris records a city soundscape following the changing character of St James’ Park and the neighbouring Leazes Park on match day. The thunder of wings as tens of thousands of birds are driven from the vast expanse of mud by the encroaching tide on The Wash is in sharp contrast to the quietness of the landscape at low tide which is captured in the third programme. Chris then travels to Antarctica and follows the extraordinary transformation as the Barne glacier calves. The series ends with a dawn chorus recorded in Suffolk, featuring a beautiful solo performance by a nightingale, a duet with a robin and a bewitching finale from a group of curlew as they fly overhead from the coastal marshes.

Narrator & Recordist Chris Watson, Producer Sarah Blunt

All episodes are available on BBC iPlayer


Martha – an Endling’s Tale | BBC Radio 4 |10th March 2015

Martha – an Endling’s Tale
BBC Radio 4, Tue 10 March 2015, 11.02am (rpt Mon 16 March at 21.02)

When Europeans arrived in America there were some 3-5 billion Passenger Pigeons. The last one, a bird named Martha died in captivity in 1914. A century on, wildlife filmmaker, writer and broadcaster, John Aitchison reflects on what lessons we have learned from the birds’ demise and explores the possibility of bringing the passenger pigeon back from extinction using genomic technology and a living relative, the band-tailed pigeon. It’s a fascinating and sobering journey. As John says when he comes face to face with Martha, “Extinction is a terrible thing”.

Wildlife sound recordings by Chris Watson, Producer Sarah Blunt


Tuning In – Listening Back in Time

Chris Watson & Tim Shaw
DECODED 1914-1918


Tuning In - Listening Back in Time is a reconstruction of time distant voices and personal accounts of events on Tyneside during the First World War. The work will be presented using period audio technology in a science and technology basement store...


An Evening of Silence | FuseArt, Bradford 28th January 2015

7pm Doors open

730pm Introduction by Mike Harding. Chris discusses his work on the film, Silence,
and plays uncut recordings he made for the movie on location in Berlin

815pm Break

830pm Screening of the film "Silence" (87 min)

10pm Questions and close...


The Diaries of Brett Westwood | BBC Radio 4 12-16 January 2015

The Diaries of Brett Westwood
BBC Radio 4
Mon – Fri, 12-16 January 2015, 13.45-14.00

Naturalist, writer and broadcaster Brett Westwood began a wildlife diary at the age of 15 about his ‘local patch’, an area of some 5 square miles near his home in Stourbridge. Some 40 years later, he’s still making notes and updating his records about the area. In this series, we join Brett as he returns to his local haunt and reflects on a lifetime of changes.

Wildlife sound recordings by Chris Watson, Producer Sarah Blunt


The Castle: A Portrait in Sound

Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson's evocative and powerful sound portrait of Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland.

Built in the 14th century as a piece of political theatre, the magnificent ruins have been reclaimed by nature. Swallows and rock doves nest in the gatehouse, kittiwakes and fulmars guard the sea walls, seals patrol the beaches and skylarks man the approach. The sounds of the sea, the wind and the waves are ever present.


Creative Award Winner | Resolution Magazine

Winners of the Creative Awards are Ed Harcourt, Robert Edwards, Chris Watson, Michael Narduzzo and ICP Studios, Belgium...


Chris Watson Newsletter and Twitter

You can sign up for an occasional Chris Watson newsletter by emailing here

This is not a contact email address, so please don't put messages in the body of the email. Thank you.

and you can follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisrwatson


Wildeye Sound Recording Courses

Several times a year, Chris leads sound recording courses organised by Wildeye, a UK-based company which specialises in wildlife film-making processes, including sound recording.

The courses have recently been extended to include overseas destinations, including France, Sweden and Iceland, but they take place twice a year in Norfolk, on the east coast of England. The courses are almost always over-subscribed, so it is recommended that you sign up to their newsletter...


Biography & Photos

Continue reading: Biography & Photos


Touch & TouchRadio | Publishing & Licensing

Chris Watson is exclusively published by Touch Music [MCPS]. His work is also released on Touch, one of the most influential independent labels based in the UK [founded 1981/2].

Chris has contributed 3 pieces to TouchRadio, which are detailed below...

Continue reading: Touch & TouchRadio | Publishing & Licensing


Discography and Reviews

Here are Chris Watson's releases with the titles linked to the relevent page in the TouchShop. You can read reviews about his releases here:

In St Cuthbert's Time
El Tren Fantasma
Oceanus Pacificus
Number One
Weather Report
Star Switch On
Outside the Circle of Fire
Stepping into the Dark

Continue reading: Discography and Reviews



Here you can view archive videos and download various tracks, including contributions to the Touch Samplers which are now out of print - note: please open in a separate tab by right-clicking or control clicking the link

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TV & Radio Work

Chris Watson records for and makes programmes for BBC Radio 4 for the Natural History Unit, based in Bristol, England.

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Installations & Academic or Other Public Works

http://www.touch33.netChris Watson, (sometimes with the assistance of Mike Harding from Touch) also gives talks, workshops and demonstrations of his work. Together they established a course at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm, have lectured widely in the UK, Belgium, Norway and many other places.

Continue reading: Installations & Academic or Other Public Works


Film, Theatre & Other Media

Chris's recordings have been used in other media too.

Feature Films include The Constant Gardener [2005]

Theatre Productions include Red Ladies by The Clod Ensemble [2008]

Playstation Games versions of the Harry Potter film series

Album Tracks including 'Illuminant' by Efterklang [Leaf, 2007]

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Features & Press Coverage


Reviews of CDs and other releases can be found in the main Touch review section, which can be found here

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Weather Report named in The Guardian's 1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die List | 22.11.07

'Weather Report' is named in The Guardian's '1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die' List...

Chris Watson
Weather Report (2003)

Watson is one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena, and here he edits his field recordings into a filmic narrative. The unearthly groaning of ice in an Icelandic glacier is a classic example of, in Watson's words, putting a microphone where you can't put your ears.

You can buy this album in the TouchShop